PLE Tech Update - Access Issues

Parent Crew, 

We have now completed two Fridays of “Online Learning at Home.” I know we have used different terms throughout the summer and the beginning of the year.  I am trying to align our language with the “Road to Return” language. Here are a few tips and expectations to help make Friday more smooth or any potential shift to all online learning due to the need to quarantine.  This will require our continued collaboration and practice.   

Access to Instructional Materials and Google Meets

Please make sure that your child is accessing all learning materials using their DCSD Username and password.  This is critically important to help us ensure the safety of all of our students.  We will no longer be accepting any non-DCSD accounts or personal accounts into Google Meets that are for instruction.  Additionally, this will help with accessing any electronic materials.  

Your child’s username and password follow this format: 

This information can be found in Parent Portal or you could contact your child’s teacher.  Please help us ensure that all of our students are using only the DCSD Domain to access instruction.  

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Later this week I will be sending out information on how we will respond should the need for quarantining arise.  To help make that potential inevitability smooth, please have your child practice accessing the following online platforms until they are able to access them without support.  This will also improve your child's ability to access instruction on independent learning from home and online learning from home days too. We believe that even our youngest learners can do this with proper support.  These platforms will be considered our “Virtual Classrooms.”

  • Seesaw (K-2)

  • Google Classroom (3-6)

  • IReady (All Grades)

  • Clever

  • Specials teachers’ websites - Here are some directions for accessing your child’s weekly specials class (How to Join a Google Meet with a Nickname).  Your child’s teacher will inform you weekly as to what special they should attend.  

  • Teacher Websites

These are the main platforms.  There may be others that your child's teacher will ask them to access from time to time.  Please know that all of the applications and software we have students use are centrally vetted by our District's IT Department to ensure they protect any student information.

Hopefully, this will help eliminate many of the access issues we have experienced in the last two weeks, ensure the online safety of our students, enhance "online learning at home" days, and better prepare for learning should a class, grade-level, or whole school quarantine be necessary.  

Stay warm and safe!

Chris Stairs