PLUM Health Information

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For students to be able to take any Medication both Prescription and over-the-counter you must submit a Provider Medication Authorization Form that is signed by your Doctor and yourself.


  • Medication will NOT be administered on the trip if the appropriate signed Provider Medication Authorization form is not received for ALL medications. Consult your school nurse or health assistant with questions.
  • All medications (prescription & over-the-counter) must be in their original containers. It should include your child’s name, the dosage and directions for administration clearly written on the label.
  • All prescription medications must have a prescription label with your child’s name. This includes inhalers.
  • Ensure there is enough medication, for the entire trip. Additional dosages are recommended for unforeseen situations


COVID-19 Guidelines & Testing Protocols at Stone Canyon Outdoor EdVentures

Outdoor Education at Stone Canyon has resumed to pre-COVID programming with safety measures in place given the residential nature of outdoor education. Students will attend a three-day overnight trip (Monday-Wednesday or Wednesday-Friday).

Due to the unique nature of outdoor education, Stone Canyon is instituting new requirements around COVID testing to ensure ongoing program safety. We came to this decision, in part, due of the following reasons:

  1. At any given school site, the students and staff are their own bubble, essentially seeing the same people day in and day out. At Stone Canyon, we have two different schools coming into our bubble every week.
  2. The overnight component increases the chances for our staff to be exposed and/or get sick. Because our staff live together on-site, an infection would close our program down and not allow other schools to attend until all staff were healthy again.
  3. There have been a number of instances where students have been sent to camp with a pending test and that test ultimately came back positive. This exposed classmates and staff.


Vaccinations Encouraged

  • All eligible staff, volunteers, and students are encouraged (not required) to be fully vaccinated for COVID.
  • If a student is vaccinated, those details can be included with test results in the corresponding OE Trip school spreadsheet (to be filled in by school staff), who will then share with Stone Canyon staff.

COVID Testing Required

  • Outdoor Education students are required to test for COVID 24-72 hours prior to their arrival at Stone Canyon regardless of vaccination status. Click here for a link to testing centers in the community.
  • For a Monday arrival, parents should have their student tested no earlier than the Friday before.
  • For a Tuesday arrival, parents should have their student tested no earlier than the Saturday before.
  • For a Wednesday arrival, parents should have their student tested no earlier than the Sunday before.
  • For a Thursday arrival, parents should have their student tested no earlier than the Monday before.
  • An official print-out of the student’s test results must be provided to designated school staff, who will then share with Stone Canyon staff.

For students who do not receive a COVID test as outlined above, but still plan to attend outdoor education, DCSD will provide them with a rapid COVID test at school prior to departing to Stone Canyon.

  • Parents should fill out the Informed Consent Form if their child will be tested at school.

  • High School Leaders, if unvaccinated, will also be required to show a negative COVID test 24-72 hours prior to the start of their program.
  • Stone Canyon staff, regardless of vaccination status, will test weekly to identify possible breakthrough cases and to ensure program safety and integrity.

Facial Coverings

  • Face coverings must be worn by all students, staff and volunteers (regardless of vaccination status) on buses to and from Stone Canyon. This is in alignment with a federal CDC mandate which is currently still in place. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), anyone utilizing public transportation must wear a face covering at all times.
  • Before boarding the bus, a teacher or school staff member will perform a health-arrival screening. Students who have a temperature over 100 degrees, show COVID symptoms, have been exposed to COVID in the previous 14 days or test positive for the virus will not be permitted to board the bus to camp.

 In accordance with Douglas County School District, students, staff and volunteers, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to wear a facial covering while indoors at Outdoor Ed except while eating, sleeping or showering.

 Mask Mandate Information
  • Only medical mask exemptions on file with the school will be honored.
COVID-19 Guidelines and Testing Protocols at Stone Canyon EdVentures